Homebred sexed semen from UK Sires

by Simon Gee on 12 February 2020.

This exciting development is a result of a new partnership with IntelliGen® Technologies® and creates a new option for UK bull owners to maximize the genetic potential of their breeding programmes. Bulls need to have semen collected at the EU-qualified Dartington stud in Devon, which will also open up export potential for the semen.

The first two young sires with sexed semen available are the Ayrshire Stamford Charmer and the Island-bred Polled Jersey Anson Animate P. Both offer British dairy farmers a different pedigree and very promising indexes. Semen is available in Great Britain through UK Sires Direct.

Dairy breeders interested in having semen from their bull collected and sexed should contact Rob Wills of UK Sire Services (rob.wills@uksireservices.com).

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