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GENEX now a Global Brand

Almost 20 years ago, the CRI International Division stepped out on its own in the global market. Since then, CRI has grown into a global leader in bovine genetics, selling and distributing over 6 million units worldwide from facilities in the U.S., Canada and Brazil. Throughout those past two decades, the International Division has marketed genetics under the CRI brand name.


This past November at the global conference held in Brazil, it was announced the CRI brand would transition to the GENEX brand. This meant the bovine genetics portion of CRI would now be known as GENEX around the globe.


In the past, CRI's international distributors were surveyed about our brand; their overall response to the survey was always the need for stronger brand identification. Thus, the change from the CRI brand internationally to the GENEX brand is an important step for our future. As it has been said of this new branding strategy, "GENEX is continuing to leverage CRI's resources and leadership. Yet, GENEX is stepping out of the shadow of CRI to further establish its own brand."


As the cooperative's Communications Division has worked on the GENEX brand strategy for the global market, we have learned the key to a sound brand strategy is focus, direction, consistency and a clear definition of who we are. I would like to share with you the four pillars of the GENEX brand, which reflect our overall purpose and help define who we are.


Comprehensive: GENEX offerings fit a diverse customer base located throughout the U.S. and around the globe. GENEX provides different products and solutions to fulfill customers' unique needs.

» Global scope

» Industry-leading genetics

» Specialized consulting services


Resourceful: Members and customers regard GENEX as an approachable, resourceful and trustworthy organization.


» Friendly, approachable staff

» Knowledgeable professionals

» Responsive problem solvers


Relevant: With its cooperative roots, GENEX is relevant to members and customers by asking for their feedback and responding to their needs. Input enables GENEX to forecast customer needs for the long term.


» Progressive solutions

» Innovative genetics

» Customized reproductive services


Forward-thinking: Ongoing development and research drive GENEX product and service offerings. This bold, innovative mentality is representative of the GENEX brand.


» Dedicated to ongoing genetics improvement

» Data-driven innovation


As you may have guessed, the change to the GENEX brand has made this a year of transition for our distributors, but many have already embraced the new brand 100 percent! We are excited about the GENEX brand brand being well recognized all over the world!


By: Dean Gilge, Vice President of Wholesale Markets, GENEX


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