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About us

Here at UK Sires Direct our ambition is to offer the highest quality genetics, both beef and dairy and the most diverse choice to farmers in an easy to use web and telesales based system.

The team at UK Sires Direct has been developed by utilising the experience and vast range of industry contacts through UK Sire Services and a young, vibrant and friendly team managing this new enterprise.

Add to this we have the ability to access ground breaking data from research and development projects worldwide. Many of the suppliers of semen for this exciting venture are long established world renowned breeding companies in their own right.

By utilising the buying power of UK Sires Direct, farmers have a unique opportunity to access the very best quality genetics with the simple solution to one order, one delivery, and one invoice.

All semen is stored in the UK Sire Services EU Licenced store and will be delivered from there, either to the farm tank or to the chosen inseminator or company.

UK Sires Direct offer semen that will match your specific breeding requirements and that suit your individual farming systems – helping you to plan for profitability.

Our team are on hand to discuss the sires available, please contact Megan Povey on 01458 555551 or Rob Wills on 07980 894660


Semen Storage

Once semen has been collected from bulls that have been in quarantine at the stud, the samples are taken to the laboratory and processed. Prior to freezing, the semen is checked for any abnormalities, such as issues with motility. On completion of these checks the semen is immediately frozen. The frozen semen is then sent to the storage facility where it is kept in liquid nitrogen at -196°C . It is then kept for a month in isolation for quarantine purposes.

Quarantine facilities consist of two different holding rooms:-

  • An EU approved room for export use
  • A Domestic room for use on GB mainland only (N.Ireland and Isle of Man is classified as abroad and must be dealt with via the EU approved room)

Once the four week quarantine period has elapsed, it then is moved into the storage tank areas, where samples can be stored indefinitely. The samples are then ready to be distributed and used as and when required.